The Gulf Cafe is a virtual restaurant featuring the finest pretend seafood the Gulf of Mexico has to offer!

Dining with us is a fun way to help Gulf Coast residents and the environment recover from the Gulf oil spill. So grab a table and order up some of our fine cookin', knowing that when you pay your tab, your donation will support The Gulf Future Campaign.

Pretend Seafood + Real Donations = A Major Difference

What’s a virtual restaurant? Each “order” is a dish specially “prepared” for seafood lovers. Put together a snack, a meal, or even cater an entire party with choices like shrimp gumbo, oyster po' boy or crawfish boil. Start with a salad … finish with a dessert ... or wash it all down with a tasty brew like Abita Amber. Like any restaurant, each item has a monetary value. But instead of putting food in your mouth, you are putting money in the hands of Gulf area non-profits that desperately need our help. While there is good news about the well being sealed, there is much work to be done.

How does The Gulf Cafe work? Simply click on the “Menu” tab above and pick out what you’d like to order. It’ll be added to your tab. When you’re ready, click "Checkout" and proceed to our cashier. Our secure payment system is managed by Razoo, a fundraising organization that has collected over $24 million for thousands of non-profits.

Why We’re Doing This

We want to raise awareness about the impact of the oil spill on the Gulf region’s people, environment and economy. We want to do it in a supportive, educational and positive way. For years – perhaps decades – after the well was capped, money will be needed for cleanup, wetlands and fishery restoration, research and assistance to those in need.

We’re Excited to Announce our Support of The Gulf Future Campaign!

Gulf Future

As Gulf Future states, "... it’s clear that far more must be done to protect and restore the amazing coastal environments and communities of the Gulf of Mexico. Millions of gallons of oil have contaminated these waters threatening not just the fragile ecosystems along the coast, but also the communities who depend on the Gulf for their very existence. With oil coming ashore from the marsh and pelican rookeries of Terrebonne Bay in Louisiana, to the white sand beaches of the Florida panhandle, it’s time for the nation to stand behind a region-wide, community based response to this crisis."

"Our vision is to mobilize supporters from across the nation to show their solidarity with the people of the Gulf Coast. It is still unclear what the future looks like for these folks. It could take months and even years for the scope of the environmental and economic effects of this disaster to reveal themselves."

For more information on its work in this area, please visit The Gulf Future Campaign's website.

We hope you enjoy The Gulf Cafe!

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